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  • Apiezon High Vacuum Greases and Lubricants
  • Apiezon etch-resist waxes and q compound
  • Apiezon vacuum pump oils
  • Apiezon PFPE 501 High Vacuum Grease

Welcome to the Apiezon Online Shop

Available to purchase directly from the manufacturer of Apiezon, M&I Materials, are the range of high-performance high vacuum greases, including our most recent Apiezon PFPE 501 grease; Apiezon Wax W sticks, Sealing Compound Q, and turbo pump oils.

Order Information:
Up to 10 products can be purchased on a single order and can contain different ranges from our products – for example: 5x Apiezon greases, 3x Apiezon Wax/Compound Q and 2x Apiezon Oils.

For larger quantities of an individual product, or orders above 10 units, please contact us directly.

Products are usually dispatched within 2 working days for orders received before 12.00pm standard time (GMT), Monday to Friday. (Please allow an additional day during UK national bank holidays).

Please note: if you are looking to order from outside the UK, EU and EFTA Zone Countries, please contact one of our listed Distributors, or contact our Customer Support Team to assist you with your enquiry.

Additional Information:
If you need help in selecting the right product or in making your purchase, please visit our main website, or contact our Customer Support Team.

Apiezon High Vacuum Greases